Honor’s Ghost

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“Those who forget their past are destined to repeat it.”

Robert A. Heinlein

Honor’s Ghost is about the universal hope that our children won’t inherit our fears and repeat our mistakes.

Psychiatrist Honor Sinclair’s marriage is fracturing in the face of ruinous financial peril. Against her ethical principles, Honor participates in highly paid clinical trials for a new psychiatric drug, Instil, for minor depression and anxiety. When the trials go wrong and the drug is suddenly withdrawn, pressures upon Honor intensify, and she longs for the seemingly miraculous cure of her Instil clients. She tries the drug herself, and begins to suffer inexplicable and terrifying side effects. Hallucinations haunt her, and she comes to realise that they could be eerie echoes of the experiences of her great grandmother, Annie, which have parallels in her own unraveling life. Honor’s challenge is to find the strength to break the pattern, so that she is not destined to repeat it.


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