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December 5th 2015 – Talking about Honor’s Ghost on Marlow FM


April 16th 2013 – The Oxfordshire Book Club reads Honor’s Shadow


April 10th 2013 – The British Psychology Society Conference – Harrogate

The presentation, to Voula and her co-authors of The Psychology Book,
of the BPS Book of the Year award 2012



March 16th 2013 –  a surprise book club  with Estefania Diaz and friends






October 20th 2012 – 12noon – Havant Literary Festival

Voula gives a talk on “Writing the psychological novel: the essential elements for success”, and signs copies of Honor’s Shadow

Click HERE to see the talk


October 17th 2012 Buntingford Coffee Shop Bookclub

Voula in discussion with the book club on Honor’s Shadow and her writing life


October 2nd 2012 – Voula talks to Letchworth Writers Group



September 15th 2012 2pm Barry Public Library – back to her roots!

Voula goes home to Barry library to talk, and sign copies of Honor’s Shadow

Click HERE to watch highlights of the talk


Exploring themes of betrayal and revenge in modern novels
What can we learn from contemporary novels about betrayal and revenge?
This workshop draws on examples from Honor’s Shadow and The Mistresses Revenge (both written by women), and Sense of an Ending and The Finkler Question (both written by men).  Voula asks the questions: Are there differences in the way men and women experience betrayal, and express revenge?  And can modern novels enlighten us on this topic?


June 13th 2012 – 2 – 3pm  BBC Three Counties Radio

Voula talking about business psychology


May 8th  2012 David’s Bookstore, Letchworth Garden City, 7.30pm       

The launch of Honor’s Shadow  in paperback at David’s Bookstore in Letchworth    Voula will be talking about Honor’s Shadow and The Psychology Book and signing copies of both books.

Watch a video recording of Voula speaking about the psychology of Honor’s Shadow, followed by a Q & A session HERE 

‘Voula Grand is a writer to watch. Honor’s Shadow, nourished by its author’s professional work as a psychologist, grows to become a quite original and haunting work of fiction. It is rare for a first book to manage the difficult trick of being both wise and gripping so successfully.’  John Mitchinson, Founder of Unbound Crowd Publishing



May 7th 2012  Goodreads book giveaway, ended on May 7th.

15 people won free copies of Honor’s Shadow – You may wish to participate in Voula’s author Q and A forum at Goodreads Q&A with Voula Grand



May 6th 2012  Mariella Frostrup names Voula as one of her three top tweeters…..

….. in the Observer article:  “50 top tweeters reveal their three favourite follows”  link 



May 4th  2012 Voula on Marlow FM Book Show

Talking to Clare Bones and Vanessa Woolley

Marlow FM (4 May 2012) final



May 3rd  2012 BBC Three Counties Radio

Voula chatting with Nick Coffer about Honor’s Shadow and the underlying psychology of the story.       


voula on three counties radio – final


April 30th 2012  Voula visited Harpenden book club 

Voula was welcomed at Harpenden book club to hear their discussion on Honor’s Shadow.  The club is lively, intelligent and well structured: they keep records of all the books they have read and their assessment of them.  It was a relief to find that Honor’s Shadow fell somewhere in between Madame Bovary and Perfume ……..


March 28th 2012 LBC interview with Nick Ferrari

Voula interviewed on LBC by Nick Ferrari 28th March 2012

For a full blog post, discussion and audio link, visit Voula’s Blog Discussion


September 2011  Marlow FM Mid Morning Matters 

My interview with Christina Bachini on “Mid Morning Matters” on Marlow FM Radio, in a wide ranging chat lasting almost an hour.

Edited highlights of the radio interview can be listened to HERE





August 2011    MarlowFM  book club

Listen to Voula talking to Clare Bones at Voula on MarlowFM


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