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“We continue the chain of generations and, knowingly or not, willingly or unwillingly, we pay debts of the past: as long as we have not cleared the slate, an invisible loyalty impels us to repeat a moment of incredible joy, or unbearable sorrow, an injustice or tragic death. Or its echo.”

Anne Ancelin Schutzenburger,    The Ancestor Syndrome


My desire to write stories was awakened when I was three years old, and my failure to speak led my anxious parents to seek medical advice. An early memory: Dr Caddock, peering at me over his spectacles as my mother haltingly explained: “she has never spoken a single word, Doctor.”

To my mother’s profound relief, he simply pronounced me bored and in need of stimulation. I was granted special permission to join the library a year ahead of the normal age of four, and my love affair with books began, though it was several decades later, after a long diversion into psychology, before my ambition to write fiction would come to fruition.

In my work as a professional psychologist, practicing in the business world for more than twenty years, I have both provided and received a wide variety of psychological teachings and therapies. I have listened to the life stories of almost a thousand people, helping them explore, in depth, their personal meanings and myths.

This professional experience combines with my personal joys and miseries: marriage, motherhood, divorce, and bereavement, to convince me that our life-long emotional experiences largely determine our moods and drive our actions.

My special interest is in the human dilemmas we face as adults: our struggles and quests to know and do what is right, and how hard that can be; and how we can make ourselves suffer so much in the attempt. This is what I aim to explore in my fictional writing. Stories raise questions, unbidden, to our conscious minds, leading us to places in ourselves that are long forgotten, buried beneath the decades of worldly life, and social conditioning: especially true during the adult years of mid-life, during a natural “taking stock” as we review our past, consider our future, and identify the highs and lows of pride and regret.

An abiding passion for understanding human nature infuses my work and writing, whether through the science of psychology, or the art of fiction: two very powerful ways of exploring the human psyche.

Brief biography

Born and raised in South Wales
Educated at: London School of Economics (BSc(Hons) in Psychology)
Birkbeck College, London University, (MA in Creative Writing)
MA in Creative Writing -Birkbeck, London University 20o6
Faber Academy Edit Your Novel Course 2014
Business Psychologist
Founder of Grand Shearman Consulting Ltd
Consults into industry as a Leadership  psychologist for  executives and leadership teams
Lives in Buckinghamshire with husband Paul 
Mother and stepmother to five adult sons and daughters
E-mail: voula@voulagrand.com

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