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Shadow Valentine

 “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned” William Congreve in The Mourning Bride 1697 February 14th, that special romantic day for those who love and who are loved, heralds a pinkfest of flowers, chocolates, hearts, romantic dinners and loving gifts. Saint Valentine’s day: celebrating loving and being loved. There can be fun for single people too: match-making parties, anonymous Valentines, mystery lovers.  You may not have a special love right …

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A novel experience….

      “As the secrets and lies unfolded, I got caught up in both the storyline and the experience.  I say the experience because the author manages to evoke the feelings of tension and release that occur with suppression and catharsis.”  (Alexandra Dodgson-Liosatos)     I’m having a particularly lovely time at the moment, hearing from people who enjoyed reading Honor’s Shadow over the Christmas holidays, and have written to tell me of their experiences. What strikes me most …

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Calling all book clubs….

In my efforts to attract readers to my novel Honor’s Shadow, I am looking for book clubs who will read it and allow me to visit and listen in to their discussion.  It is the current choice of a book club in North London, and I’m looking forward to meeting them at the end of the month, to hear their discussion, answer questions, and speak about the book. I am now writing Honor’s Ghost, the second of the trilogy that …

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Betrayal. Infidelity. Could you forget? Or would you keep remembering?

Forgive and forget – words that are so entwined it is hard to say one without the other. Last weeks post, on betrayal and forgiving, triggered a lively debate on an Internet site for positive psychologists. Everyone agreed: forgiveness, both given and received, is best for emotional and mental health. What about the forgetting part of it though? Forgive and forget, received wisdom for centuries, is challenged by this quote: “The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naïve forgive and …

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Betrayal. Infidelity. Could you forgive? Would you?

Should you? Apparently not, according to psychologist Professor McNulty, who suggests that “forgiveness allows relatively negative partners to continue their negative behaviours.” Long suffering wives might do better to assert themselves: the recipe for a happy marriage is never forgive, never forget. This picture of Hilary and Bill Clinton, reports that Hilary has forgiven Bill his indiscretions. Has she? Really? Is she able to look at her husband without the mental image of him in the Oval Office being “attended …

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