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Stories from the dark side….

“What do you like to read for light relief?”  This was a question put to me during a recent radio interview,  as we discussed the deeper issues explored in Honor’s Shadow.  I replied that I don’t enjoy crime stories, thrillers or light romances; but that I enjoyed the humorous  Bridget Jones Diary by Helen Fielding.  Reflecting later on this exchange, I realised that I don’t really look for light relief in fiction.  (Though my guilty pleasure is flicking through Hello …

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Talking about Honor’s Shadow

Last week, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Christina Bachini on “Mid Morning Matters” on Marlow FM Radio, in a wide ranging chat lasting almost an hour. Edited highlights of the radio interview can be listened to HERE Christina was interested to know what had motivated me to become a novelist, and how I felt when my novel, Honor’s Shadow, was published.  (Simple answer: ecstatic.) Christina is a psychotherapist and executive coach, so she showed a particular interest …

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